#7 An Angel In Disguise In Online

charityLove and share- That’s the spirit of Christmas. People around the world are more than willing to donate food and money. More so today, with the recent occurences of natural calamities to the people of Leyte, Philippines and other parts of Visayas area who are victims of Yolanda.

December is a perfect time for charities to ask help from people and donate. Consequently, December is also the perfect time for cyber criminals to strike… Remember, posers can also be your friendly charitable institution.

To avoid this kind of fraud, here are the DOs and DON’Ts


  • Visit the charity’s location and check their official website by typing the website address into the browser. Avoid clicking on a hyperlink embedded in an email, this may contain a virus.
  • Before you donate to a charity’s website, check if this is secure. Remember, a secure website has padlock favicon before the web address.
  • Make sure that the charity is legitimate before sharing your personal details, or debit/credit card or online banking information
  • If you want to donate to disaster relief abroad like the victims of Yolanda in the Philippines, you could consider donating via the Disasters Emergency Committee website
  • If you are still in any doubt with the website, cast your donations directly to their office.
  • If your instincts tell you that you may have given your account details to an impostor or bogus charity, contact your bank immediately


  • Once you receive unsolicited emails from charities you haven’t heard from your entire life, or have no association with, don’t reply and do not click the links in the content. Report and delete.
  • Do not grant requests to donate through a money transfer company such as Western Union or MoneyGram as money transfer company is the only way for fraudsters not to be tracked easily.
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