#9 How Money Transferring Frauds Can Make You Sick

money transfer

Our hard-earned money is always set for something important in the near future.  If we fall as victims to money transferring fraud, we can somehow imagine ourselves doing something awful to these nasty online criminals.

One of the cases of money transferring frauds is when a cybercriminal pretends as a reseller will and  ask his customer to pay all his orders by card on a said to be secured payment page. Sometimes, by electronic cheques. After 1 to 5 business days, the customer doesn’t receive anything from the reseller. And worse, he can’t even contact his reseller anymore.

To avoid this kind of fraud, here are theDOs:

  • Always secure your computer with an anti-virus
  • Create a pin code for your credit card and wifi password which are not very obvious or easy to guess.


  • Don’t send money transfer for online purchases
  • Don’t send funds from a cheque in your account if it is not yet officially clear. Usually the clearance takes weeks
  • Don’t send money in advance for obtaining a loan or credit card
  • Don’t send money to someone you have not met personally
  • Don’t send money for paying taxes’ or ‘processing fees’ on lottery or prize winnings
  • Don’t share your bank information to people or businesses you do not know (in short, don’t trust strangers)
  • Don’t send money for an emergency situation without confirmationif you are not sure it is true and none of your family confirms that there is an emergency.
  • Don’t open an attachment or click a link, and reply to an unsolicited email claiming to be from a money transfer service.


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