#4 Promised Holiday Deals Evaporated In The Air

horrorChristmas gives people the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures and this is the perfect season to scout and look forward to travel vouchers and seat sales. Since information on marked down tickets are usually disseminated via Social Media sites where accounts may easily be falsified, shoppers need to be more vigilant and quick to notice which ad is legit and which one is counterfiet.

Fraudsters actively take part of the festive season through creating fake holiday ads offering discounted prices and other incredible deals. Sometimes, they will send text messages or call the victim to say that there is a last minute deal or you that she/he won from a raffle promo which she/he can’t didn’t join.

Here are the DO’S AND DON’TS FOR for this fraud:


  • Simply don’t respond to a suspicious message


  • When reviewing travel deals, it is safe to rely solely on reputable companies which are members of atoL, or aBta protected. Verification of protected status will be completed by contacting the civil aviation authority, the association of independent tour operators, or the travel association (aBta)
  • Never trust a company which requires people to shell out cash first before getting the ‘freebie’. What’s the sense of it being free if you need to pay for it.
  • If the company does not accepting credit cards for payments, a good option is to book  at their ticketing office.
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