Nightmare After SSL Expires, Who You Gonna Call?

January is a fresh start for the year. To all people around the world, embracing 2014 with a smile will give a prosperous life for the whole year.

But in every new year, there is an ending story. Expiration. Not knowing when your SSL Certificate will expire is feeling like Jayson and Freddie will haunt you for not properly maintaining security for your website.

SSL certificates have expiration dates and these are nothing like other services that automatically renews its versions. Much like a driver’s license, you have to renew it with the authorities. If you let your certificate expire, there will be consequences that will bring nuisance to your business.

Effects to website owner
•    No matter how powerful your PR is, the trust of your clients and other users will decrease.Especially if the payment process is done within your website as there is no sign that will give the assurance that they are safe.
•    Once the trust is broken, even long-term clients may decline partnership sales and revenue will go down with increased shopping basket abandonments
•    Your corporate brand and reputation will be affected  and it will lead your business at risk. Moreover, brand awareness will turn into a negative image
For Website user
Warning error messages displayed by browsers when visiting the site
Personal information at risk from man-in-the-middle attacks
Individual susceptible to fraud and identity theft

See the images below of an expired security certificate


dg1dg2dg3The pictures above are the results when web security expires. All warning messages vary from browser to browser. You will see that the messages are inconsistent, and if you are an end user, without a second thought you will simply click through the error messages without fully reading or understanding the actual message itself. Advice from a certificate authority, all warning messages are read and responded appropriately to prevent an automatic ignoring of message and clicking through to the site.

If you are unsure in fixing this issue, call your issuer right away or click “Help me understand” or “Learn More” page. It provides links that will help you fix the problem.

Government websites are the easiest access for the public to communicate with the government and obviously, these places are perfect target for cyber-crimes. To secure information and other data, it is an obligation for government to ensure that the national infrastructures are safe and make a move to eliminate risk of hacking. (Click here for more details).

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