#10 The Evolution Of Voucher Fraud

fake voucherGirls are the number 1 fans of vouchers for easy online shopping.

In the past, coupons are only available in malls, magazines or newspapers.  Today, with the evolution of online shopping are readily accessible via internet. For easy payment, online vouchers are designed to allow consumers make purchases  online without the help of a debit or credit card. Very easy huh?

Every voucher has a unique serial number or code designed for purchasing items from an authorized online retailer. However, as mentioned earlier, they can be printed right away with an allowed  number of printed copies.

The cons of online voucher is, criminals can fraudulently hack voucher codes. Once they have the codes, they will use it to infect your computer with a type of virus known called “Ransomware”. It will lock your computer and they will assume your organization’s identity.  Now they can send  messages for payment issuance.

To protect yourself, here are the DO’S and DON’T’sDOs and DON’Ts


  • Use only voucher codes authorized by trusted partners and officially recognized by the issuer
  • Treat vouchers as cash so you keep them carefully.
  • If you doubt the use of the vouchers, ask the issuer


  • Don’t purchase vouchers from third parties and unauthorized distributors
  • Don’t reveal your voucher code to anyone over the phone.
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#11 A Ticket To Disaster

fake airline ticket

Christmas is also the best time to have vacation. The only challenge is getting a ticket, hassle-free. To avoid stress, book tickets as early as possible.

There are organizations who offer travel packages at promotional rates. However, these tickets can be falsified. It is very easy to create phony accounts online. All you need to do is make a Facebook page, copy the company’s logo and information and that’s it! A poser is  born!

Now that he can announce a false information over the internet, there are people who will believe that is true and follow the instructions of a poser.

•    Trust only reputable and secured websites.
•    Never share bank or credit card details on public or shared computers. Remember, they are valuable information.
•    Never trust unsecured WiFi connection this may compromise confidential information
•    Get and update an anti-virus software.
•    Keep your eyes on your cards
•    Don’t reply to unwanted email.

•    If you will shop online, don’t forget to log out  from all websites where you have entered your card details

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#12 The Attack of Mobile Monster Scam (Mobile Payments and Application Scams)

mobile scamSince we are living in the time where technology is soaring,  mobile phones are now tools for all forms of transaction. Communication is not only made easy through SMS and calls.  Now you can go online anytime,  anywhere.

Christmas truly is the perfect time to revel in joyful moments with family and friends.  It is also the time that gadgets are given and received left and right. Beware!  As a battalion of applications for mobile phones and computers are all ready for the pickin’.  Ensure that you will not be conned.


  • Gadgets must be password protected ; password must be hard to guess
  • Learn what software can wipe out all data from the device’s memory remotely if it is stolen.   Most mobile devices today have a special feature for this.
  • Turn off your Bluetooth facility. This can be used against you by cybercriminals. Make sure that your WiFi is secure because your device can be intercepted if not encrypted.
  • Always update an anti-virus software


  • Don’t reply to a  text message or dare to follow their instructions of a suspicious message.
  • Don’t save any passwords, personal or financial data in your mobile device. Remember, hackers are wise men!
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Don’t Let The 12 Online Fraud Come To Town

People around the world are now doing their own Christmas countdown. This is the season to share, love, enjoy, and spend time for family and loved ones. However this is also the best time for online criminals take advantage while everybody is busy for with the holiday activities.

Thieves exist  online.  All they need to do is sit in front of their computers, start stealing, give false information, and fake identity.

To avoid frauds, here are the most common frauds that exist during the Holidays. Let the online countdown begin…

Let’s start on #12

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How SSL Protocols Could Help You Win The Game Of Thrones

got-season-3-promo-the-war-has-just-begunLife is an endless game, so with the business market. The game of business is like a role playing game, wherein you are given numerous options in securing your castle. Or like the mythical and fantasy movies and books in which the main objective of the character is to protect the castle. But when the cheater finds a way to steal your secrets, you are nearing the point of blowing a kiss and bidding goodbye for this round.game of thrones

As the development of the online world is rising, same with the knowledge of the hackers or with the virtual thieves – they steal information and create destruction and chaos to websites. Some of them accidentally discover codes that give access to entering the security system of a website. No matter what the reasons are on how hackers retrieve the information, web owners must secure their websites and as there is no inordinate defense to pardon stealing.

gtJust like in  the Game of Thrones, there are guardians who protect the castle, which is your business’ secrets (involves here your website). However, as mentioned earlier, online businesses do a lot of tricks to make transactions and tasks easier for you, as well as for the virtual thieves. Stealing likewise, becomes effortless. So what should a king and his knights do to protect their kingdom?

The security system of your business is the only one that allows access to your employees and is considered as the heart of your business.  This is where all information and transactions are reported and stored. If someone enters the security system without authorization, you better get paranoid. The only way to secure the entire server system of your company is to add trusted applications and digital certificates, especially for the websites.

Today, the major protocols used for managing security information are the SSL (Security Socket Layer and TLS (Transport Layer Security). These protocols are the building blocks of a digital certificate. This application is essential not only for identification of a website, or a proof that a website is secure. But more importantly is to act as a secure container of keys and data of the owner of a website.

It is very easy to identify if the websites are not protected by digital certificates by checking the logo before the url address. Some websites have only a notepad logo or globe logo which when you click them will say that these sites are not protected by a certificate; different from those who are protected, which have a padlock logo before the url address.

SSL certificates are best used in authenticating, encrypting information, gaining trust of customers, and protecting a website from phishing. It can also protect communication links over a TCP/IP connection. Secure Socket Layers have different kinds. Each of them play different ways of securing a website.

The digital certificates could be a secret weapon in keeping the privacy of your company. Although debatable, cybercriminals can be seen as smart enough to conquer a website, but it doesn’t mean there is no way to protect your identity. The game of business is all about keeping yourself updated. So don’t just work hard to improve your business, be clever to stand-out in the market.

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